We’ve now officially renamed to “Project Time”.

This was announced a few months ago, so hopefully it doesn’t come as much of a surprise. To reiterate, this change was long overdue and yes, we’re continuing the manga we were previously doing.

With regard to releases, although we’re hoping to change this in the future, things will continue as they have been up till now – chapters will be released upon completion with no delay.

Following the notion of moving forward, we’re not entirely sure on which direction we wish to pursue… We’ve always held both quality and speed equally, but as translating and editing all SFX has been widely requested of us lately, we are considering it – although it’ll result in slower releases.
Ultimately the decision of doing SFX or not will come down to which we enjoy doing more. Until we decide you will see some chapters with SFX done from us, while others not.

We wished for a new site to accompany the change, but unfortunately that’ll have to come at a later date. We’ll keep the constructive criticism you’ve given us in the #reader-improvements chat on our Discord server in-mind while developing. If any developers would be interested in helping out, please apply!

This about wraps it up.
We will keep you updated on progression and decisions in future updates.

We are looking for more staff, so please consider joining us if you can!

Thank you for your understanding and moving forward with us!

Best regards,
Project Time.