Hey there,

Regarding the latest ‘snipe’ on Isekai Maou, I’ve spoken with the releasers and actually asked them to continue releasing the chapters they’ve already completed (the next 2 parts that is) as I don’t want their effort to go to waste. I know just how rough that could be. Thankfully, they’ve agreed to drop the series after those parts thus allowing us to continue it. Please don’t cause any further trouble for them or us on the matter. Thanks.

Moving on.
Isekai Maou is done with Isekai Soul-Cyborg Translations, and we’re the guest of this joint project. As we reached out to them who were initially soloing it, it would 100% be wrong of us (PT) to dissolve the joint project and solo it – even if we’d be faster (since it’s incredibly easy to do) and may be for the better of the series. We’ve spoken with Cyborg about the possibility of PT soloing before. In response to that, Cyborg assured us that he still loves the series and would actively send us translations… As you already know, those translations comes in batches once every few months. Hopefully you understand our perspective on the joint project situation.

As Cyborg gains a ton of motivation to translate when sniping occurs, we’ll more than likely receive up to the latest raw chapter over the next week. We’ve already got all the cleans and redraws done, so those chapters will be out shortly following the arrival of translations. Once again, apologies for the delay on Isekai Maou despite it being out of our control.

With all that being said, we might be soloing the series in the future. If any translators are interested in the series, please DM Tallguy#6529 (our head-translator) on Discord.

Thank you.

Sorry for my awful English. I was woken up by a barrage of notifications not too long ago.