[Group/Project Update]

Throughout the year we’re going to be starting more projects.

Not including joint projects, we only have 7 monthly series (10 including Joints). Partially due to fear of backlash because of our past with dropping shit we’re no longer interested in (further explained below); we haven’t been starting new projects as much as we’d like to. As a result of that, over the last year+ the number of inactive staff in this group has only been increasing as they aren’t interested in the remaining projects we do have. That number now exceeds 20 (30+ including staff which technically aren’t part of the group [officially]). I haven’t been accepting applicants because there simply aren’t any project positions for them. The occasional staff that does join have been recruited solely to replace a specific slot in one of the 7 projects continuing.

The problem which led us to have more than 40 projects in the past is that we start projects [mostly] at random. We may like the first chapter but lose interest on the third. Instead of dropping them when that has happened, we continued them due to a weird sense of obligation… From then on, starting new projects became hard because of backlash for not continuing the projects we did have, despite us not being interested in continuing them. Of the 40+ projects we’ve started, we’re left with 7 projects we’re genuinely interested in continuing.

The thing is, starting a new project ‘we’re genuinely interested in’ isn’t as easy as you’d think. Every month, almost every new series that gets published is quickly swept up by one group or another. Even if we’re capable of releasing it first thus laying claim to it, we have no way of knowing if we’ll still be interested in that series 2–5 chapters in; the cycle stated would simply repeat itself. However if we don’t release it first, another group takes it as we don’t fight for projects. We can’t work on it even if it turns out we are interested in said project 2–5 chapters in.

The point I’m trying to get across is to consider the first few releases of any newly published series a test to see if interest holds. We aren’t obligated to continue things we aren’t interested in. Apologies if you like the series, but it’ll be dropped because we, the ones working on it, either dislike it or aren’t interested in working on it.

Thankfully, every so often a new series does slip through that crack. A series that started in August hasn’t been translated yet and there is no information about that series online anywhere (aside from the publisher’s directory). We’ll be starting that one very soon. The art is good, and the story doesn’t turn to shit within the first few chapters (the latest raw is chapter 5, so take that with a grain of salt).
Unfortunately for the Isekai lovers out there, it isn’t an action/fantasy series. All of those new Isekais get swept up instantly. As such, I doubt the majority of those who read our series will like it, but it is what it is. Read through the entirety of chapter 1 (60 pages) before dropping. You never know, you may like it. I could definitely see it getting an anime adaptation due to the type of series it is. Either way, we like it, so we’ll be adding it to the 7 continuing projects we have ongoing.

Once again, I have over 20 available staff wanting a project they’re interested in to work on. Please don’t hate us for testing the waters. We’ll release the chapters we do test as there’s no real point to keeping it hidden from the public. One of you may like it enough to start translating it yourself if we drop it. Who knows what’ll happen? Chapters/series we’re uncertain of will be clearly stated as a test.

Thank you for your understanding.