About Us

Free time is a blessing, and translating is what we do in ours.
Good or bad, we do what we’re interested in.

Recruiting For

  • Translators – Current Demand: Moderate (New Translators = New Projects)
  • Proofreaders – Current Demand: Moderate
  • Redrawers – Current Demand: Moderate
  • Cleaners – Current Demand: Low
  • Typesetters – Current Demand: Low
  • Quality Checkers – Current Demand: Low


  • Translators: Good grasp of Japanese and English languages, and story telling;
  • Proofreaders: Good level of English and understanding of Japanese culture;
  • Redrawers: Ability to remove Japanese text as if it was never there in Photoshop;
  • Cleaners: Ability to clean whites and blacks on a page (levels/curves, manuals, etc), and also align them (if needed) in Photoshop;
  • Typesetters: Ability to shape, center and resize text accordingly in Photoshop;
  • Quality Checkers: Ability to do most roles and ensure every element has been completed with no mistakes in chapters [in Photoshop].

Send an email to: admin@ptscans.com to apply.
Providing past work (chapters) will speed up your application greatly!